Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Colin gave Maynard a bath today. Then he helped hold her while I gave her a haircut. This was her second haircut since we got her.

She didn't like the process ONE LITTLE BIT! After seeing the results, I don't blame her. I got carried away on her head, trying to get the hair short enough so it wouldn't hang in her eyes...

Now, you need to know that one of the at-home jobs I had when the kids were young, was grooming dogs. I washed them in the laundry tubs, using a spray attachment. Then I had an large, heavy table with a rubber mat on top where I dried them and trimmed their fur. I had probably over a hundred regular customers who came back again and again.

I groomed mostly poodles (toys, miniatures, and standards), then some schnauzers, springer spaniels, cocker spaniels, one afghan (one was enough!), and some 'mystery' breeds.

We have had five poodles of our own, and I always groomed them myself. They always looked very nice, thank you very much!

But Maynard..... well, I got carried away trimming the hair on her head. Chalk it up to being tired, her unwillingness to hold still, her growling, her trying to bite me and Colin who was helping hold her...

Anyway, I am embarrassed to post a picture of her. Colin says she doesn't look right. My husband says I cut her too short. And I feel awful! Yes, we can see her eyes now, and that's a plus, but she doesn't look like herself anymore....

Maynard, I am SO SORRY! I know it will grow out, but in the meantime, I really don't want anyone to see her.... I may change my mind in a couple of days and take a picture of her and post it here. Just to teach myself a lesson!!!!

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