Saturday, September 06, 2008

'Project Linus' Delivery...

Just finished 10 embellished fleece blankets for 'Project Linus'.
I will deliver these to the drop-off place in Bemidji this coming week.

It is so much fun to make these! I got a deal on polar fleece on eBay... 3 full bolts for just $3 a yd! Then I buy fabric 'books'. I cut the pages out and hem them, then sew them onto the fleece, hem the top and bottom of the fleece, and fringe the sides.

This batch includes one on the America flag, Raggedy Ann & Andy, The Rainbow Zebra, Winnie the Pooh, Mother Goose, Frosty the Snowman, Meet the Dinosaurs, two have pictures of babies, and one is a fabric pillow featuring Linus himself!

This brings my total to 53 so far this year. I'm hoping to make 100 altogether before Christmas.

Why do I do this? One reason is that I need to stay busy. Another reason is I love doing things for children. Even though I don't get to meet the children who receive these blankets/quilts, I know that they are given to children who are in the hospital, shelter, or some other crisis situation where a warm blanket hopefully will let them know that someone cares about them.

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Aspen said...

Awwww they're perfect :)
You have a wonderful heart.