Friday, July 18, 2008


I had physical therapy today. Have been going twice a week for three weeks so far. Today, I used the 'NuStep' machine before the therapist worked on my knee... I was only on it for 12 minutes, and I thought I did well. No pain at the time. But tonight... ufdah!

So Maynard has been keeping me company in the recliner, while I put an ice pack on the knee. Also took half a Vicoden pain pill. Only have one more half left... Hopefully, I won't need it.

My recent sewing customer has actually found a dress for the wedding! But she still wants me to make two 'wrap' tops for her. I have one almost done, and she will come tomorrow for a fitting.

I picked up four bags of sewing today at the beauty shop where people leave them for me. So that will keep me busy this weekend.

Now, isn't this an interesting post? NOT!

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Aspen said...

I like to know what you're up to :)

I'm sorry to hear you're still in pain... but happy you have your puppies to keep you company.