Tuesday, February 05, 2008


OK, I have two readers who tell me not to quit blogging. Thanks, Aspen and Loralee!!

Soooo..... I am going to begin randomly picking topics to rattle on about. Tonight's subject? Hair.

Look at my picture in the header of this page. Yes, that's my real hair. Or it WAS. I had about 24 inches cut off a few years ago, and sent it to 'Locks of Love', despite my husband's teasing that 'no little kid is going to want a wig made with gray hair!'

Although I don't regret donating it to a worthy cause, I do miss it. I used to go to the beauty shop once a week to have it washed and braided. My students at school loved my hair. I worked with Native American children, and one little boy went home and told his mother that I was 'definitely an Indian because she wears her hair in braids!' Bless his heart. I AM 1/32 Lakota. Enough to say something about it, anyway.

Since cutting off the 'mane', I miss it. Can't decide on a decent hair style at all. Tried a permanent for a while, looked like I stuck my finger in a light socket... So after that fiasco, I've just decided to let it grow out again. It is much, much thinner than it used to be, but I can just pull it into a ponytail until it's long enough for braids (or one braid).

When I was little, I had SO much hair! My mother cut some of it into bangs, then she would part off a section at the crown and make a braid that she curled into a sort of rosette. Then she braided the rest into two long braids. For 'dress-up', she would make curls around her fingers, and tie them with rags. Then the next day she would comb them out. She took so many pictures of me to send to my dad who was in Germany .This picture was taken when I was 8 years old. Dad had been home for four years (hence the two brothers!). Note the huge amount of bangs, the thick braid tied up with a ribbon, and those 'Goldilocks' curls!!! Yes, folks, lots and lots of hair!


Loralee Choate said...

I had a lot more hair when I was little, too.

A lot of mine thinned after my gastric bypass and kids.

I hope I can hang on to as much as I can. :S

Pudgeduck said...

I also remember the braid with the little rosette on the side-curling hair with strips of cloth and trying to sleep on thme all night! Wish my hair would turn grey-now it's a dirty blonde. At 64 I don't think I have much time to change!!!

Jessie said...

You look just the same as you did when you were little! Isn't that amazing how there's something about each of us that always stays the same?

Anonymous said...

your hair is beautiful!

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