Saturday, January 26, 2008


A good day. Tried to balance physical activity and rest periods, and think I may have hit on a good formula. So many minutes on my feet, then the same amount sitting down. If pain gets bad, take a longer break.

Do exercises! Take an afternoon nap! Get to bed at a reasonable time! Take pain meds as directed by dr. - So sayeth this old one...

Today was much warmer than yesterday, and tomorrow is predicted to be even warmer! Not good for the ice fishermen, but wonderful for me!

We can be thankful though, that we don't have the severe storms that some parts of the country have had to endure. I guess I'm too old for that. I cringe at the idea of driving the 8 miles to town if even two inches of snow has fallen!

Does anyone have any good recipes for hearty soups? If so, let me know. I'm running out of ideas here, folks.

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