Friday, December 14, 2007

The Project Continues...

Still working on that large order (embroidered patches on 60 blankets) and making good progress!

Finished patch number 47 last night. I've trimmed connecting threads and used a pinking shears to trim around the edges of the finished ones. I can do those tasks while the next patch is in the hoop!
The missing box of 15 blue blankets was found! Had been delivered to the store downtown of the lady I'm doing these for. She got it to me!
Still don't have the 30 brown blankets...they are supposedly on their way and I hope they come in the next couple of days.
Today I will work on embroidering the remaining 13 patches. Then tomorrow will begin to sew the patches to the least the 30 blue ones. Still a little nervous about the missing brown ones...

This is my new sewing machine. A Janome MemoryCraft 1100. It's wonderful! I had a Pfaff before, and it got very tired! However, I'm having it serviced and repaired so that I have a 'back-up' machine!

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Loralee Choate said...

Man. That thing looks awesome. I bet you could launch some nukes with that sucker and take over air traffic control, too!