Sunday, December 16, 2007

Knee Update...

Just in case anyone is wondering how I'm doing with my new knee...

Surgery was Oct. 4th. That was two and a half months ago...

Part of the incision is still 'open', weeping into the dressing every day. Yeuck, right? The knee is still painful most of the time, in fact, the pain wakes me up at night a LOT! I can walk a little better, but it all depends on how level the terrain is. I'm very cautious about stepping down from curbs etc. I still depend upon my cane a lot when I'm out of the house. Still use the walker first hour or so each morning.

Physical therapy is helping, but after an hour there I need a pain pill, ice pack, and a nap... I do my exercises each day at home, and they are getting easier to do. Still difficult to put my socks on. My new shoes have Velcro closures, so that is helpful.

When is it supposed to be OK? The surgeon didn't seem too worried when I saw him on the 10th of this month. But he did want me back again in January.

I get very depressed about the whole experience. My husband and son have taken a lot of time from their schedules just to haul my butt around, do the cleaning, laundry, etc. I can do laundry now, and some cleaning. Can't vacuum yet, though. Oh, I can drive now!

Can do sewing, which helps, and work on the computer.

How much longer???????????


Loralee Choate said...


This has been going on for quite awhile, now. If your doctor is not more concerned in January (If you haven't improved) I would go see another doctor for a second opinion.

It just seems to be taking an awfully long time.

Plus, I am worried about you having to be on pain medication for this long...It is not fun to go off of when you've been on it this long.

Heck, I had some withdrawl from my coedine cough syrup that I had to be on for 3 weeks.

I really hope you start feeling better. No one deserves it more. I know that if that knee gets better, your quality of life will skyrocket and I want that for you.

Sharon said...

Thanks, Loralee. I am down to taking pain meds (only half a one) just now and then.