Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I am so very thankful for the following:
  • A loving husband of 42 years. He is always there for me.
  • Our wonderful son who makes me so proud. (and hasn't complained once about hauling his old mother to numerous dr. and physical therapy appointments, and taking his father to his appointments)
  • Our daughter (but wish she lived closer! Texas is TOO far!)
  • Being able to teach for over 30 years and getting PAID for it!
  • Friends I can count on.
  • Our beautiful home in the Northwoods
  • Being able to return to college at my ADVANCED age...having the professors and students accept me and encourage me
  • My ability to sew, learned from my mother and my home-ec. teacher, and the opportunity those skills give me to have a supplemental income! (nothing huge, but nice as 'extra'!)
  • My little dog, Sony, who loves me no matter what!
  • Dishnetwork, Yes, I love watching television. Especially old movies.
  • My computer and the world it is able to bring to me at the touch of a few keys
  • The ability to be able to 'give back' with my volunteer activities
  • There is much, much more, but I know you are tired...

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