Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Day as a Surgeon...(edited)

After my surgery, I thought it would be appropriate to post this picture. I was the 'Guest Surgeon' at the Walker Animal Hospital this past July. Young children were invited to bring in their stuffed animals for any 'surgery' that they might need.
EDIT: Our vet was celebrating 25 years of service to the area. There were three days set aside for this, one each in June, July and August. Children were invited to come in during two hours on these days to have their 'pets' fixed. It involved the vet talking to them about proper care of animals, also.
I am the chubby one on the right, closing a serious wound on the back of a little pink teddy bear.
It was a special day, and I'm glad I could be part of it!

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Wenda said...

Sounds like a fun event. Especially great when all the pets can go home patched up and well again.

I'm curious about the story behind this photo. What was the purpose of the event? How did you get called upon to be a guest surgeon? How many kids came? How long was the event?