Monday, October 05, 2009

The Eyes Have It!

I saw my eye dr. AGAIN today! That makes SEVEN times so far this year. The first six visits were to diagnose and then check on the progress of the 'floaters' in my right eye. Last week the dr. told me I didn't have to come back for a year, because the condition had 'stabilized'.

Well..... the very next day, the left eye had all kinds of lights flashing, and of course.... a HUGE 'floater' in it. So back I go to see what is happening with THAT eye! It is so scary, thinking that your eyes are going belly-up on you. Today, he said the retinas in both eyes are still firmly attached. (very good news!) But the wall of the vitreous humor has pulled away partially from the retina in both eyes. He said that this was a common occurrence for ,....... are you ready for this?...... here it comes..... 'FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE GETTING OLDER! The caps are mine. He did NOT shout this information in my face. He wants to see me again next week, just to check.

I know that I'm getting older. 67 on my last birthday. But why does a person have to have things start to fall apart to remind them of the fact? I tell you, getting old is NOT for the weak!

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