Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Live, Love, Dance...

If you don't know these gentlemen, then you are WAY too young!! Meet Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. They made many, many movies way back when. So funny, poignant... Oh I love watching them. It is hard to find any of their movies on television these days. But my son gave me two CD's with dozens of their movies!!! What a treat!

If you ever have a chance to watch them, please do. And while you are watching, please remember that Stan was the one who wrote all of their material. However, in the movies, he is the one who doesn't have a clue. Ollie is the 'smart' one in the movies.

There are some short clips on Google video, like this one. It is my absolute favorite of everything they have done. They do a little dance when they hear some men playing music outside a saloon. Please take a minute to watch it and I bet you'll feel better! (EDIT... the link I created 3 times! just takes you to a page of all of their videos. Please look on the left and click on the one, Stan and Ollie Dance to the Gap Band)

Sometimes, you just need to laugh.

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