Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bad Blogger...

I haven't blogged for a while...bad blogger! Guess not much to blog about lately. Have been busy sewing, which is nice. Many of my customers bring things to me this time of the year. You know, buying new things for spring, or taking out spring and summer things and finding out they need some alterations.
Whatever the reason, I appreciate business picking up!

The guys have been working on more projects, small ones, but oh so appreciated! They built some shelves for storage in the pump room off our basement, put up some new shelves in the kitchen for my cookbooks, and painted that corner of the kitchen. Looks so nice!

My knee is a little better each day. I do have some periods of pain, but it's usually because I've done too much that day. The guys now tell me I can only make three trips up and down the basement steps each day. Turns out they are right. I tried to sneak in a couple more trips the other day to finish laundry, and paid for it that night with pain that kept me awake! Darn it! And naturally, they told me, "See, we were right!"

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Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better.