Sunday, January 20, 2008

Things to Do Inside When it is SOOOO Cold Outside

Stayed busy today doing things indoors such as:
  • Laundry, just two loads
  • Did breakfast dishes (made oatmeal... the ONLY cereal for subzero weather!)
  • Started sorting through some old photo albums to give pictures to my brother and my cousin. Have lots of albums to go through yet... but it's a start.
  • Cleaned out two drawers in my desk. Filled a wastebasket with crap from said drawers!
  • Started packing away several shelves of books, collected notebooks, albums, etc. to make room for the new BAR my husband and son are building in the basement. They bought a used refrigerator on Friday, and sent for a kit to install a 'Beer Keg Dispenser' in it. Other than clearing off the shelves that they have to remove for the project, I am staying out of their way!
  • Since I was up all last night with pain, I took two naps today. Yes, TWO! But as the saying goes, "I feel MUCH better now!"
  • Worked on editing a book for 'Seeing Hands'. This is 'Freedom Train', the story of Harriet Tubman. MAN, what a courageous woman!!!
  • Read and commented on several favorite blogs (see my sidebar)
Now plan to get to bed soon. Hopefully, no pain tonight so I can get back in the rhythm of a normal night's sleep!


Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better. I know waht you mean about finding things to do. I like to close my eyes and imagine that I am out working in my garden when it is cold. I have been doing some cleaning too to keep busy. Since Anthony cannot go outside in the cold, he is making the most of it by watching all the birds and squirrels that come to our bird feeders. He is so funny; he looks out the window at them and then waves to them. He also yells "eat" and laughs...such a fun age! Take care and stay warm!

Sharon said...

I love your description of Anthony! Oh how I miss that wonderful age!